The Insurance Exchange Debacle

Health Insurance Does Not Equal Health Care

The last 24 hours news cycle is finally showing media and public outrage that this Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is not protecting anyone and it isn’t affordable. 7-10 million prior insured people who were assured they wouldn’t have to change their insurance or doctors have now been given a “Dear John” letter. I have many friends, family, and patients who have received such a letter (and I’m waiting for mine any day now).

These folks didn’t want or need the governments help and now they are being told this is the default option they must choose from. Readers know that the exchange site doesn’t work even if these folks wanted to buy an inflated insurance policy. The baseline product that is so wonderful is basically Medicaid — an insurance policy that many physicians refuse to accept because it doesn’t cover overhead.

Regarding affordability, we have hard examples in the press showing how most will be paying higher premiums effective January 1st. Those that don’t buy will pay a fee/fine/tax (whatever you want to call it) and have to go out on their own to buy health services. The pro-ACA crowd argue there are examples of people that will have lower premiums but I have yet to find a friend, family member, patient, or article citing an example of someone getting lower premiums. Certainly without a large tax-payer subsidy there isn’t one person who will save money in this debacle. I don’t see Affordable anywhere in this mess.

As the reality of higher premiums and more restricted access continue to rear their heads as Obamacare takes full effect January 1st, it will be prudent to revisit some alternatives to solving the healthcare access debate.

Here are 8 real world, workable contributions to make health care more affordable while at the same time allowing more choice and individual responsibility. Let’s ask to unleash the creativity of American ‘know-how’ to help get the goals accomplished, not seek central, bureaucratic ineptitude (the law itself and the exchange as hard evidence) to be tolerated any further.

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By: Dr. Raymond Kordonowy

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